I’m BACK!!

Heey Guys! Guess whose back??!

I can’t believe its been almost a year and half since I’ve blogged.  After the 100th time failing to blog and repeatedly telling myself I should start again, I finally did it!

Long story short, my subscription with bluehost expired and it failed to notify me . Whats worse, they deleted all my content!!! I was so upset but then again I was starting a new job and I kinda of lost motivation and got really distracted. I still worked with my photographer once in a while for my instagram but I was not entirely focus. But I’m finally ready to commit to my blog once again and share with you all my outfit of the days and trends.

I will be blogging once a week at most so stay tune and I’ll be doing some recap of some of my favourite outfits in the past.

It’s still cold in Toronto, so when we had that one weekend that felt like SPRING!! I took the opportunity to strut in this outfit.I’m really loving the fishnets trend, it spices up any outfit and makes you feel less naked when you wear a crop top! I never thought I would wear jeans with flower prints or appliqué but it really makes a plain outfit pop. You can find so many fun prints in Zara, I highly recommend switching them up from you’re regular skinny jeans



Aritzia Golden by Tna- Rosing Hoodie

Givenchy Antigona

Zara Embroidered Mid Rise Jeans

Senso Shoes (Similar)





























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